Kith, an ice guy


Uh, I was just reviewing all the levels using Nalfar, but when I reviewed the dungeon levels with nalfar, There was this guy called “Kith” following me the whole time

(Actually, he is kind of cool) but when I use other heroes, he isn’t there. Also, is he like my “extra” pet or something? It is because the ogres aren’t targeting him


OK, now I found out that he is also part hero, so if he is dead (which the only way is by me killing him), it would also say something like: (your hero must survive (1/2) X), or, just for this level.


Either way, that Kith dude looks cool :smile: I kinda want it for a pet now :joy:
Could be a fun secret “bug” or Easter egg :rabbit2:


That Kith guy is cool but he doesn’t appear in the forest levels and just to let you know I haven’t test all the levels yet.


You’re right. Maybe he is really still in test and for now he only follows you around in dungeon levels.


Look at this:


And look what happened to this after I posted:


It said that I failed to survive too. But the character section wasn’t messed up.


If you look through the thang editor, you can actually see that he is a sprite in the game. “Kith” probably refers to Kithgard Dungeon, the world you are in. He looks like something that would show up in Kelvintaph Glacier though. Maybe because Nalfar is unlocked in glacier, which has something to do with ice and the Kith is an ice man, maybe they will somehow be related.


Well, yeah they might be related but Kith doesn’t show up anywhere other than dungeon.


Maybe he’s lost and finding his way back home :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I think he might be good to be unlocked at kelvintaph glacier because he is made from ice.


If that is true, how come he is with nalfar and not in the character section?

Creepy ice guy follows me

He might mean a pet that can be unlocked in the Glacier campaign.


if he is a pet, then his health should say NAN or it shouldn’t show it’s health bar at all. Like the cougar or raven

As you can see here, there is me as Senick and cougar and me as Nalfar and raven in the second screenshot. But when you look at the pets status, it says NAN or it doesn’t show anything. For kith, however, it shows that his health is 10. Thus he really isn’t like a pet in another way. He is type “hero” and if he is a pet, then the pet I am already using shouldn’t be right there, because I could use only one pet at a time.


I saw him/her on Tharin Thunderfist. He/she first appeared in the first level with glasses.


I think because it suggests that he is a friend that it could be something you can summon using mages?


Maybe he just appears on some random characters on different people. Probably at one point he is going to be with ritic the cold.


Perhaps so. I tested out all of my heroes (as I am not a subscriber, those are limited to Anya, Tharin, Ida and Alejandro) in Kithgard Gates and he appears with each one.


Guys play the level I created: The Level