CS Course 2, Backwoods Standoff 14 a & b- for students & teachers

CS Course 2, Backwoods Standoff 14a & b appear to have the exact same solution.

The lesson either needs editing or one of the solutions is wrong. The reason I say that is that

  1. the code for both A and B is exactly the same
  2. the beginning code and comments seem to imply that the student needs to find the location of enemies, but the code solution doesn’t use the location
  3. the teacher course docs list Backwoods Standoff as 17 a & b

Since we are new to CC, I don’t know generally how a & b of the same lesson goes. It is always the same code, just reinforcement? Or is there usually a slight change?

I consider #2 and #3 bugs but before I see if they on github/issues, I wanted to see if this is what you would consider them. As I’m a newbie to the open source project, I could take a crack at fixing them.


They do have the same solution in this case.

  1. Usually there is some change, but in this case they happen to be the same.
  2. I’m not understanding what you mean. I don’t see anything about location. Here are the instructions:
# These Munchkins are scared of the hero!
# Say something and they'll back off.
# However, once there are enough Munchkins, they will gang up and ambush! Be careful!
# Whenever you can, cleave to clear the mass of enemies.
  1. This is due to us updating the courses. We don’t automatically update the courses in the classrooms because we don’t want students to see different versions of “level 9.” The Course Guide page always has the current version of the course. We will be adding a search to make it easier to find a specific level.

Practice levels are only given to students if they fail to pass a timed threshold – so if they complete Backwoods Standoff quickly, they aren’t sent to the level A, but if they took a long time to complete the first one, we send them to the practice level.

All practice levels are all intended for reinforcement – there is usually some slight change (for example, the path to the Cupboard in Cupboards of Kithgard is different in the main and practice levels).

In the case of Backwoods Standoff, it’s a simple if/else, so they happen to be the same.