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[SOLVED] Map Sarven Desert Bugs - Unable to build a Fence

My son and I are trying to complete the Sarven Desert map but are unable to as it will not allow us to build a fence which is a required objective on at least two of the challenges.

The two we have found are:

  • The Great Yak Stampede
  • Sarven Savior

On these maps, if we try to build a fence, we get the following error:

It looks like “fence” is not an allowed value based on the error message.


Are you equipped with a build hammer that has fence as an option? To build fences, you must use Crude Builders Hammer or Wooden Builder’s Hammer. Looking at that error message it appears that you’re using a more advanced hammer that doesn’t have the fence capability.

Thanks, that was it! I didn’t realize there were different hammers for different builds.