Cursed Valley- didn't lose health?

I didn’t lose any health at all. Is this a bug?


Strange, I didn’t lose any health either


This is because we have very strong swords, that kill from one swing.

No, you are supposed to have your heath draining. That’s what it said, and That’s why there’s potions.

Maybe it only with certain heroes

Is it really that bad if you didn’t lose health? ಠಿ-ಠ
(Not meant to offend @CocoCharlie, sorry if it’s offensive :cold_sweat:)


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Not that bad, but it defeats the point of the level.


You’re right. This is odd. It seems like the level is missing the drain-life element.
I looked at the referee code and the bit for draining life was commented out. (maybe there’s a good reason, but I submitted a patch to reinstate the drain life anyway. The level works much better know and makes sense.)
Hopefully the patch is accepted, but it may take a while.


Cool, thanks. :slight_smile:

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i actually dont think your health is supposed to drain anyway cuz when I played it the potions were for healing back my health that I lost form enemies

It says your health drains.

I think it originally worked, but since I took a break of codecombat for about 2 years, I’m not to sure.

The potions give you much more health than what you lose from the enemies. When you play it with the drain life it makes more sense. You lose health until you’re on about 200, then you can get the potion.

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