Bug?(15 charss)

Help, my hero just died because of nothing

Maybe your hero died because enemy’s troops killed you?

Look, i have the health bar , and it’s all red, but i died?

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Oh, I see now. Well yes, then it’s a bug.
However, It could be you doing sacrifice to yourself (that sometimes accidentally happens)

Well i added and not friend.id == "Hero Placeholder"
And sacrifice give you 0 health, not minus 7651

Could you send the session of the opponent? (there is one in the link)

Not needed, it happens every time

Even with uncheatable cpu

It is needed, I want to check if it is the same for me.

And so I can also analyze what happens to me

more and more

None of those is the Dj689 guy.
I beat these guys.

Sorry can’t find :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob:
but yeah, those guys beat me like

Well, if people beat you that means that they have a better strategy, unless your losses, as mine, are because of the error in the arena.

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Maybe me too.
they just like give me-7055 health

All the guys in the links? Then it’s a problem in your sacrifice code.

Yeah, don’t know why

The guy in the second link does have some funny stuff going on… They attack faster and their projectiles are faster

It is okay. He uses the golden wand.

Ohhh does the magic orb speed have to do with the range?