Custom Goals in levels?

Hello, I’m new to code combat and also to level building.
I’m currently trying to build a simple level called Sort and See to start myself off building levels.
The level helps a player watch the effects of a sorting algorithm. Players have to sort their team members according to their health. Players can write their sorting algorithm and watch comparisons and swaps happen visually. I’ve also always felt that watching these algorithms run visually helps with the learning and coding process.
The problem I’m facing is: to win, the team members have to be in sorted order, and I’m not able write this out in the level editor, as, from what I saw, only a few predefined goals are allowed.
My question is- Is it possible to write custom goals such as this? If this is possible, then how? Or must I change the concept and goal of this level to fit it to the predefined goals, like kill thangs/survive/collect stuff?


Have you tried playing this level? :wink:

You can probably develop along those lines if you interested to work on this.


Thanks a lot, I’ll try to fork that level and try to develop, and try to allow for different algorithms as well…

This level is another one by Alexandru doing Towers of Hanoi: