Decoy Drill missing Wooden Builder's Hammer Suggestion

Hey Nick,

I just started a new game, and made it up to Decoy Drill. I’ve done this level before, and prior to this time through, it’s needed the “Wooden Builder’s Hammer” as a requirement for the level, and has forcefully suggested when previously attempting the mission. On this time, however, “Wooden Builder’s Hammer” wasn’t suggested. It didn’t even show up in possible purchases, in the level select screen.

That said, I went to the “Items” icon in the “Level Select” area, found the “Wooden Builder’s Hammer”, and purchased it.

Just letting you know that it’s not hinting at “Wooden Builder’s Hammer” in that level’s prep screen.

I’ve just overhauled the way item require/restrict settings work and have redone the desert requires. There are probably bugs, but I think I’ve gotten this one. Let me know if you spot any others now.

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I think there have been some suggestions missing for a few of the Sense Stones. I’ll do another run-through on the levels on a new character (I’m on Dust with my furthest account), and see if I catch anything.

Thanks for being so on-top of things, with regards to updates. It’s awesome to see.

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I think there’s a new, related issue:
There’s now a requirement for missions after Decoy Drill and Hoarding Gold for the Programmaticon III but I don’t have it in my inventory.

This seems related to this post as well:

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Yeah, try doing Medical Attention again; we now award it there.