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Bug found with Decoy Drill Stage in Sarven Desert


Stage: Decoy Drill
Area: Sarven Desert.

Result: When starting the stage, there is no prompt that to buy or equip the Wooden Builder’s Hammer.

Expected Result: Prompt to purchase or equip Wooden Builder’s Hammer.

Summary: Normally on the stages, any required or necessary items have a prompt to purchase or equiped, this does not happen with the Wooden Builder’s Hammer which is required in order to build decoys.


The “prompt” isn’t triggered if you are using a weapon which is not on the restricted list.
So if you are using: simple sword, long sword, darksteel blade, or crude builder’s hammer, then you should get the prompt, otherwise you will not.

There are two reasons for this. 1) is to allow people to go back and do levels in different ways later, and 2) new weapons created after the level was don’t get automagically added to the restricted list.

But, yes, there are certain levels (such as this one) where this (#1) doesn’t make sense. @nick knows about the problem, he just needs to figure out the proper solution and find someone with the time to fix the code. :smile:



To clarify, I had Kithsteel Blade equipped which was not restricted, but also does not allow for the buildXY function, so I would have assumed that there would be a prompt. Both points 1 and 2 makes sense, however I’m sure there is a way to code a check along the lines of, if equipped weapon <> contain the word hammer OR enables function buildXY with type decoy, display prompt.

Thank you for the prompt response!


@Catsync can you put it on your list to add the higher-level weapons to the restricted list for these desert levels where we require you to build decoys?


Yep, added to list…