Desert is too difficult! And world map

Thanks, I’ll try that! I should have know about it from this, which I’ve read. But it’d still not be enough to know from which level that “reward” comes.

I’m not trying to kill Ogres at all. Mainly throwers. I think my code is quite sophisticated for the level required from other levels before and even after that, but far from being a good AI.

I knew it was made by a player, I think it says so there, and it does say it’s hard… But I think the main problem with the campaign is not having an end. I’d say the proper way to make it prominent would be setting it as a side challenge, such as the arenas, or putting it on another map all together.

From that I think we got a very different view of what would be the world map, but I can’t wait to see it! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I just submitted and lost even the Backwoods. I must have sucky equipments indeed, but what could help a lot on both levels there would be being able to randomize the environment on code run before submitting.

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