Difference Between Health and maxHealth

Does anybody know the difference between health and maxhealth because I do not understand what it does?

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maxHealth is the maximum HP your hero can have. For example, you’d start with maxHealth as your health number. So if you have 5000 maxHealth, that’s the maximum HP you can heal up to.
health is the number of HP you currently have. Lets say you had 5000 maxHealth, then you’d start with full HP, or 5000 health. An ogre hits your hero for 500 health, so you’d have 4500 health, but still have 5000 maxHealth.

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Oh okay that makes since thanks.

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Hey, do you know the code for it cause I tried doing hero.MaxHealth = “insert number here” and it hasn’t worked out if you find a solution please come back to me.

One can’t cheat that way)) Some properties are blocked/protected from changing.

I would add that in some cases maxHelth at the very moment of fight could differs from maxHealth at the start. Usually it caused by some abilities or power-ups of heroes (necromants can pump up their maxHealth f.e. and so on).

That is kinda smart but no, as Alex has said, it doesn’t work that way.

You can increase your Max Health by purchasing armor and other special items.