Max Health Topic

Hey guys,
this is a topic about my curiosity, what’s the max health you ever got?
Mine 11200 :smiley:

now I feel weak, only 3004 ;(

Mine 15600 (2000 chars, The only way is by using nalfar and sacrificing all of your friends)

Same method, what’s your level?

I did it on a level i made. So it wont be in th leaderboards. Btw do you want to join my clan it is in my usercard

But level… like in codecombat (number, mine is 40)

Im lvl 42 And it doesnt matter what level you are

The more you play, the higher level you have, so this is why Im asking

I know. I have completed all of the levels

gah! Nine remaining (Partially I dont have money for My Precious to complete alpine rally, and for Ritic (there are four levels with him))

Yea. Are you a subscriber?

My new record is 40000, did it on sarven statue (raised cyclop from dead and sacrificing EVERY SINGLE friend)

Whaaat. How much health does the cyclps have>


lol my broweser crashed, so much health.

BTW you didn’t join my clan :sob:

What is it???

Its the most awsome clan. Click on my name and the link should be there

ok done. Btw I leveled up your average level from 30 to 31, yay

K i think i see you. Yay!