Distance issues on Summit's Gate after scrolling?

Hello, I’m not looking for code help, I’m just trying to understand the dynamics in play on Summit’s Gate.

My lenses have unlimited sight but as far as I can tell my sight doesn’t apply to objects off screen. Before I go crazy writing code to compensate, I want to make sure I’m not overlooking something obvious.

As soon as my hero is no longer on the same screen with troops I’m not able to find them or give them commands. I can understand there being command range limit but I don’t have a method to determine what that is. It also seems like with unlimited sight range I should still be able to find enemies that are off the screen (unobstructed) and find friends that are off the screen.

I know that I can probably just charge forward and clean up the collateral damage post-catapult but I am trying to take a more systematic approach.

Is it correct that with unlimited sight range I still can’t find objects that aren’t on the screen?
I’ve thought about creating a list of friends before I leave the screen and always referencing that list instead of an updated one but then I have to check for dead units.
If I’m able to reference a unit (even though I can’t see it) is there a range limit on hero.command()?



It could be a glitch because it works for me. Try refreshing and for that you probably already did. Also try other levels that go off the screen and see if it works there.


Its working now. Thanks for the sanity check.