Possible bug with Twilight Glasses

They state they are supposed to see through walls + infinity range. With this I am making the assumption that on a map such as “cavern survival” i would always be able to see the enemy hero no matter where they were located at any given time.

Unfortunately this doesn’t seem to be the case. The only time my character seems to be able to detect the other player (via this,findEnemies() and looping over it looking for types equal to the various hero types) is if the other player is up against the dividing wall and i’m up against my dividing wall right next to him. If i’m right against the wall and the enemy is as well, it sees it and i can “say” his type, etc

Well, I was going to check this for myself, but I can’t get the cavern to load… Will try again later.

OK, I got in and have tharin saying how many enemies he can see. It looks to me that I can only see enemies that are directly through the door.

Maybe the black gap between the rooms is a black hole that absorbs all light and can’t be seen through.

Yep, when moving closer to the door the number of enemies seen is consistently higher.

Looks like although seesThroughWalls was working, the visualRange bonus from items wasn’t working, because although it increased your visualRange, it didn’t also increase your visualRangeSquared, which we precomputed for simulation speed reasons. I’ve added the fix, so now you should have infinite visual range with the two infinite visual range glasses, and other glasses’ visual range boosts should also work.

I’m not sure if its a caching problem or not. but it’s still not working correctly on my end. do i need to do anything special? he only seems to see the enemies directly near him

scratch that. after clearing my browser cache it does seem to work now. yay!