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Summit's Gate Feedback


Hm…no bugs that I can currently see. I would like it better if the door is seen as an enemy? It seems not to be.


Just tried the level, not finished yet, but my first thought when I saw the effect of the catapults

I wonder if I can weaponize them to my advantage…

Fun fact: You can, and in the end they shoot themselves.

I like the idea, but I can guarantee that two minutes is to short for my tactic (I kinda want to destroy those beam-towers, but they have so much HP…

Just checked, the doors are enemies. They appear in self.findEnemies().


Hm…well, when I use isPathClear like this:

if enemy and self.isPathClear(self.pos, enemy.pos):

If my hero is standing right in from of a door, but doesn’t attack it.


I’d like it if we didn’t have to kill the Beam Towers; with 2000 health and 60 damage per second, it would be too costly and time-consuming to destroy them.

  1. I’d guess that the enemy itself is stopping you from being able to move to the “center” of the enemy.

  2. Hmm, there are cases where you can “attack” across movement barriers so always checking “isPathClear” is an over limiting construct… (it may be that wiz’s are the only ones who can do it)


I know, but without isPathClear, I run into the wall right in front of me after breaking down the Inner Sanctum door.


I agree. Destroying the towers takes a lot of time even with a strong warrior.

About the isPathClear discussion:
when i have to attack an enemy, i use (warrior):

if enemy and self.distanceTo(enemy)<7:

In this way my hero is able to get close to the enemy avoiding obstacles, and then he attacks.


Chronist “problem” is that he uses the twilight glasses… (he can see everything, so there is no guarantee that he can “self.move(enemy.pos)”)


I use the same glasses, indeed.
His problem was that he could not get to the door position, being the door itself blocking his hero, if i correctly understand. I guess this is the reason for which he can’t attack the door.
I noticed, though, that if you give a move command, the hero moves avoiding obstacles, while if you say attack he doesn’t: for me, it works. I correctly attack doors and do not run into walls.


And another good thing from using a distance qualifier on “attack” is that you are less likely to become a kite for someone faster than you. :smile:


And you can give orders to your friends :smile:


Meanwhile, I’ve improvised by removing doors from the array enemies and only attacking a door when I place a specific flag.


Perhaps the Ogre Chieftain could be nerfed slightly? 225 damage per second is enough to demolish your entire attack force easily.


She doesn’t stay the Chieftan of a cutthroat organization by being a whimp, no matter who her father might have been. :wink:


Chieftain does not need to be nerfed…given enough archers and soldiers it’s not that hard to defeat him.

Though his sound triggers (when clicking) should be something different, because the chieftain does not carry a club…

And the spelling of “chieftain” is inconsistent; in the level description and sample code, it’s spelled as “chieftan”, while the unit type is “chieftain”.

Also not sure why the default friendly AI in the beginning is to move to but not attack an enemy, instead of a) attacking the enemy, or b) not do anything. (Though it doesn’t really matter.)

But overall this was a great level that required me to think harder than usual.


We don’t have the Chieftain’s sounds yet (reusing the medium female ogre noises for now). She’s actually female, though; maybe this will be clearer when she gets her audio. She’s supposed to be really strong, yes. She also makes her allied units use better AI when she’s around, and her damage is AOE, so don’t fight her with all your troops in a cluster.


Okay, that’s cool to know.

I thought the chieftain was male was because the sample code says

Fight your way into the Inner Sanctum of the ogre chieftan, and kill him.

Edit: Looks like it’s been changed.


I didn’t realise the beam towers counted as ogres until I defeated the chieftain twice.
Then when I finally managed to destroy both towers and survive, massive lag spikes made me run out of time.

In short, this level is like The Trials but harder.

Edit: Managed to pass - but the level gives less gems than The Trials
Allowing the paladins to heal you and allies helps a lot. Having a ‘heal break’ before attacking the warlocks and the final door was a major part of my strategy.


I find a problem is that I cannot destroy the towers nor survive them long enough for my strat to take effect


You can use your two paladins to heal your hero while your hero is attacking the beam towers. (Though it doesn’t seem like too many players are using that strategy.)


  • 1 beam tower deals 60dps. 1 paladin heals 150 hp every five seconds.
  • Assuming the hero stays out of range of the other beam tower, the hero attacking the beam tower takes in 60 * 5 damage, or 300 damage every five seconds.
  • If you have your two paladins with you, they heal the attacking hero at 2 * 150 hp, or 300 hp every five seconds.
  • 300 - 300 = 0, so it’s almost even. (The hero does take some extra damage initially, but I doubt they will lose more than 700 health at a time)

I once managed to destroy the two beam towers with two paladins and a few archers and two decoys, no hero required.

No hero required pictures

Tower 1

Tower 2