Do CodeCombat plan on offering student license?

Most softwares offers a limited-time student license for college students, but since Code Combat is most popular among students (that will learn how to code through here) it seems like a revenue-kill to create a student license.

On the other hand, I’m a Masters Degree candidate writing my dissertation on Applied Artificial Intelligence to solve Engineering problems and I hope to become a college professor soon (hopefully before I finish my dissertation). I mention this because I recently started playing again because I want to be experienced with the game once (fingers crossed) I achieve my goal to start teaching Programming 101 and I want CodeCombat to be my “homework assignment”.

Anyway, I don’t really have a point to make here, I just saw that you guys are offering teacher subscription and I didn’t really get the point of it since teachers won’t be giving their password to a classroom of students so they can play the closed content. I just thought that sharing my reality could be a helpful feedback on the goal of the project.

Of course we offer the basic levels for free, which you can try with your students; and if they are hooked and you want them to be able to do all the levels, we would be happy to work with you to set up a classroom discount for your students.