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Do Enemies Have Unique Identifiers? (Solved)


##Unique Idenfier for Enemy Combatants?
Unlike Coins, enemies (seem) to not have unique identifiers. Coins are refered as such: Gold Coin 9 etc. where as the enemy combatants can have repeating names like Goreball etc.
Am I missing the unique idenfiter or is there any?
-Thank you


Units should already have unique names; see here for all the possible names for each unit type. If there are more units than available names then there is a index to ensure all names (ids) are unique.


The first “here” link, linked to a 404 error, so I could not look at the list. But I could see the code (“index” link) and it all made sense.

I also realized that my while True was looping around the names and starting over with out a break. Hence the repeted names. Thank you for your help :slight_smile: