Double ring bug

Hi! I found this bug in Zig Zag and Zoom. Screen Shot 2021-04-01 at 7.56.36 PM

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I dont think it really affects how I do tho…

It affects it. Its not just in this level.

K. It happens in a few other levels 2…

I affects it. It is just a glitch. If your Internet is slow this will happen.

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I don’t see a problem…

two of the same rings

my wi-fi is very fast

It just happens when the internet is slow. Sorry I said Wi-Fi instead of internet.

R they not the same thing? Wifi and internet

Nope. They are very different.

Then… would u mind telling me the diff?

This is kinda not on topic… Do it in a PM please. (Hmm, I never had this bug if I didn’t want to)

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K, sry! :slight_smile: arg 20 char thing

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