Two Rings of Speed?

In my inventory screen in Clash of Clones, I have two Rings of Speed on my hands. Why is this?

either a glitch in the system, you bought two of them if even possible but still you have sick stuff i don’t see the bad news

There isn’t any bad news; I merely reported a bug.

true true tbh i dont really work here just helping but yah

@ChronistGilver were you one of the people having trouble getting the ring of flowers to equip properly??

If so, I wonder if this is somehow related to stuff you did there (dragging?)??

If you click on them do they both show “Ring of Speed” in the “Item view pane” (or whatever it is called)

No idea really, just musing…


do you get the double speed boost?

Yes, I was having trouble getting the Ring of FLowers to do so.

Yes, they do both show “Ring of Speed”.

Yes, I do get the double speed boost.

Tracking the bug here, thanks!

I can’t see the image

hey please don’t revive old topics or also known as dead topics as some of the people here are inactive and will most likely not be responding to your post


Well was it necessary to say?