Dueling grounds bugs

Hey, guys,there is an error in my code:

It’s the problem in arena. I told it somewhere, but didn’t get an answer.
Please remove your code, because it’s not the problem.

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I should win!

And it just stopped…

Yep, Dueling Grounds arena is broken a little bit, as Peter mentioned above (for humans team as I remember, so you can try to play for ogres).
Some actions glitch as far as CoCo supposed them to be binded to ogres team only.

P.S. But we have new banners for arenas)


For me, for both sides it shows infinite loop (in spectate too).
Also, the simulations are also broken for 2 months:

P.S. Just checked the banners!

Well, it was irony)

Hmm, simulations work fine for me (both Windows and MacOS, Chrome).

Strange. They are broken for me for Windows and Linux
I don’t think it is the problem in the computer, because I checked from two different ones (and it also doesn’t work through both, direct and ordinary CodeCombat)

It’s something strange with them because on the link for all the arenas there are still old banners.

guys, i’ve found a great way to fix this bug,just use shiver:

how the heck does that solve anything… (also i realized i win in the background :slight_smile: ) (ritic op)

heck??? :thinking: :thinking: :thinking:
what is heck

why does equipping shiver solve it?

btw, i know the reason for this, fightning/spectating someone with code from 5+ years ago uses loop instead of while True, thats why i think

I don’t know haha(20 chars)

@PeterPalov i just kill you by 2 seconds wow

Cool, how is that related to the topic? And I wouldn’t recommend writing a strategy specifically to ~80th place, better write one for the first place.

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Oh, i know, i just didn’t simulate that much lol

I just backstab you while you are casting, and then you died :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: