Dueling Grounds ranking bug

There’s recently been a new update in CoCo, and this has happened in dueling grounds (both sides)

If you look at the names and the score you can see that I should be in 6th place. Anyone else experiencing this bug?
It started very recently, as I said, with the new update which highlighted functions like hero.say() and hero.cast(), as well as putting in commas on the thousands of the scores.
@Alexbrand, does your leaderboard look like this?

Yep, I expected the same (or very close to this) for the last time, but looks like it goes to normal situation now. At least, I’m at places that fit my score)

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hmm I don’t seem to be experiencing this bug even though I am very heigh ranking

Hmm, but I don’t see commas dividing thousands in my leaderboard in difference with your screenshot.

What’s your nickname in the game?)

Moy#1 I am in 119 place in cavern survival which is the on e i am looking at right now. I am usualy in the around the 100 place in all of the multiplayer arenas

Have you got the grey highlight on the functions like hero.say()? Maybe it’s updated for me more quickly, or something very fishy has happened to my version.

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I command troops, summon them and I use the hero.cast a lot.



Hmm, what a mystery! I’ll just leave it and see what happens. At least it works on the blue side…

Red team code looks the same)
The thing could be in ranking formula maybe.

Btw your #1 in Cavern Survival for blue team and #34 for red one looks OK. As well as #3 blue team in Dueling Grounds (you reset code while I was writing, but it’s still OK now with 22 place).

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Now it says I’m number 20 on the blue side dueling grounds… I mean it’s better than 80,000th but still not quite right.
It’s probably just to do with me so I’ll try clearing browser history etc. to try and fix it…

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Wait for 5 minutes maybe)


not all of the Multiplayer levels are malfunctioning in cavern survival you are #1 @Deadpool198

I’ve found a recent (three days ago) commit on github related to HOC, which may also have affected the leaderboards (see selected bullet points): https://github.com/codecombat/codecombat/commit/cf711044875634f5fcb20ff4e5339135901df63b

  • Use new redis-backed server routes for multiplayer leaderboards
  • First pass updating level type logic for new (old) ‘ladder’ type
  • Stub for single-ladder rankings view

Maybe those things caused the problem.

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The bug happened to me. (sorry can’t show picture cause just restarted)

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I was ultra confused.

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In simulations you now see teams too. It was only nicknames shown only before.
(As for commas - I think it depends more on browser/platform cause I have different views on different devices).

It has now resolved itself thankfully. I’ll keep you updated if it comes back, but I think it might have just been a temporary problem.