Dueling grounds "can't use method"

It is for Blue Fox pets :slight_smile:

I don’t think CodeCombat has a proper description for pet commands, so it just says that he’s casting a spell.

So yeah, this is the problem, “pet.shapeshift()” it is the pet’s action not me!

Because he has to “Command (yes I know it’s the pet’s action)” the pet to shapeshift, therefore it says he’s casting a spell.

Anyway this is getting off topic.

Why is the archer sacrificing the skeleton?

It is Nalfar sacrificing the skeleton to the archer.

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Also this is getting really off-topic now.

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Ok, first of all, this is off-topic, second of all, I don’t see how he’s cheating, third of all you should think about whether their actually cheating, there is internal bugs, or it’s just unclear the way codecombat displays it

I updated the ArenaTools error handling to at least let the level load, but didn’t yet figure out why the API protection is misfiring in this case.


Thank you very much @nick!!! :partying_face: :smiley: :cowboy_hat_face: :heart_eyes_cat: :smiley_cat:
It still had an error on, but we don’t need to comment out the code now!!!


Another error:

When i want to battle you @nick , it says no

I am not cheating. I just have a really good Okar code.

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Bro im 10 years old.

OK, sorry for accusing you, but why my hero is casting for all the time

Even if I don’t have any code, I still get an error.


off-topic much Jason?


I dont know, I have the same problems when battling some players.

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