I'm confused about dueling grounds

I was playing dueling grounds but then I knocked my enemy on the house and my hero won’t attack.

Try exiting out of that tab maybe the computer is overwhelmed. Then reenter it

That doesn’t work I’m simulating games and every time it says it’s a tie

Maybe its because you’re putting attack(enemy) 4 times. Try only putting one time.

Ok I was trying that because if I did a while true it wouldn’t work

Well, the code isn’t going to work if you haven’t defined this.

I meant to put a space but I can’t even login now.

I don’t get what you mean.
Try closing your browser and re-login in.

It won’t let me in.(20 chars)

What do you mean?

i think he means depending on the picture that it does not stop loading even though it is already at the end

look at the picture I go to the blue side then i go to the battle that says tie and I press defeat the red

Then congrats on the wins!
Could you remove the code so others won’t try and “cheat”?

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