Dueling grounds CPU coding bug

So, the CPU in dueling grounds has a coding error. He wont to anything and is the same image as when your hero has the coding error. I have experienced this before on Ace of coders, but I still dont know why, see below:
Screenshot 2021-03-06 at 13.42.38

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i think his “cpu logic” has failed in a bear trap. could the @staff fix this?

I also get a similar bug, but with ritic. I phase-shift and try to move somewhere and I just can’t.

@JoPro_8000 can you select the cpu and show his action staus? it will show in a target icon

Sure thing, give me a second

Here it is, it says he has no target:

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huh… i only got that once… try logging out and in?

mabye the foxes messed him up or something?

I tried. Its just not working. I mean its no problem for me, because I already beat it, but if new players have it, then it is just like a level that’s already completed

i dont see that issue, i think you should kill him and see what happens

i dont see that bug, i kill the guy until he is way behind me or i am at 90 coins

Screen Shot 2021-03-06 at 8.24.04 PM
forget his health i just runesworded him
spam run i guess then

I killed him, nothing changed.

can you show me your gear? maybe one of your items is bugging him out

Here it is:

hmm… maybe its the sword… im not sure, alot of your stuff has special abilities which an ai cannot readily use…

But it should have the exact same equipment as I have

it does, remember clash of clones? maybe something like the comments in that