Dungeon Arena base race simulations different than ladder results

I’m currently testing a base race Tharin and noticed I got some ties. I looked into some of the simulations, and saw that the enemy base did indeed die first, but that when the simulation stopped, both bases were dead.

I think maybe the game doesn’t process the win / stop accepting input fast enough. What it looks like is the simulator ran for some time after the game was won, and then calculated the win conditions, at which point the enemy hit my base a couple times and destroyed it.


I also noticed I had a match that was recorded on the ladder as a loss, but in the simulation I clearly won. In this particular match, I base raced, and he lost when he tried to defend it. The base is clearly destroyed and mine is definitely fine.

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Can you please investigate? My ranking just plummeted because of this issue. I played against a user named Paparsifal and tied a significant amount of games. I must have played around 100 games in a row against him and tied at least 50 of them. I investigated a sample of those ties and did not find one where I tied or lost.

@schmatz augh, another instance of this bug–can you investigate?

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Will do. That code needs attention anyways.


I hate to press this, but has someone looked into this? I recognize that with the current setup, we tie if both bases die by the end of the sim. That said, I am now getting some ties that are clearly my wins, where my base is still up when the sim ends. Here are a couple examples:

It seems to be happening consistently when I submit my code.

The reason I’m asking again is that it’s making the game unplayable for me. I’m now at a stable point of no losses, but because of these random extra ties, I can’t get the score I deserve. As much as I want to get to first, I simply can’t because of these results.

I agree with DarkSteel.I’ve noticed this bug too.
Sometimes I destroy the enemy base and in the next 1-2 frames he would have demolished my base and that ends up being a tie and vice-versa

Maybe you’d be happier with the current situation since my Tharin beats your Ironjaw :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyways, those false ties (where the sim ends and my base isn’t dead) are becoming more prevalent. I had 183 wins when I posted that and then sent another sim before going to bed. I now have 180 wins, all 3 extra ties are false ties, I not only win but my base never dies.

Now with picture evidence of the latest scenario, where the results aren’t even close but I still tie: http://imgur.com/a/gM22n