Possible Error for Ranked Ladder (Dungeon Arena)

Hi everyone,

I’m just started playing this game last night and just submitted my code for testing and so far nothing is happening. I have 3 games in my queue (resubmitted because I saw an issue in the past was a game with an infinite loop that’s not caught was holding it up), and it just sits there.

EDIT: I should clarify - I submitted my code for testing last night before I went to sleep, woke up, and still no change so I resubmitted it just now.

Here are a few pictures of what I’m seeing:

I’m not sure if I’m just being impatient or if the servers are down or if my code is glitchy or what.

Also I was wondering how I might go about fighting a friend of mine. We tried connecting via Facebook and Google+ and neither worked. We also tried clicking play to fight someone else and replacing their hash in the url with our own from our profiles and that didn’t work…

Any advice would be appreciated!

Due to a very unfortunate and at the moment unavoidable problem in matchmaking there is a certain case where your code will not be matched.
If very shortly after your submission another person submits, your chance of getting matched is so small that you can assume it to be 0. If on the other hand the next submission comes a long time after your submit, you have a very high chance to get matched.
In very popular queues the chance that someone else submits directly after you is very high.

The only known solution to this at the moment is to resubmit your code and hope it works better this time. The developers of CodeCombat are working on the problem, but it is not completely solved yet.

EDIT: Found the topic (especially Nicks post explains the current system).

Ah okay, thanks!

Good to know it’s nothing that I’m doing wrong.

Do you know whether or not it is currently possible to fight against my friends?


Currently, two ways – one in Black “arrows” the other in Red ones:


I recently changed the indexing so that you won’t get 0 matches played. But Dungeon Arena will still be hard because there are soooo many players on those ladders, and so few new players playing that one (since it’s an old style level and not a hero level), that we don’t simulate extra matches for those ladders. You might want to try playing with your friend on Zero Sum, or one of the easier arenas that use the hero gear if you’ve gotten that far yet.