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Dungeon - Kithgard Mastery


Hi Code Combat!!!

Ready to squish bugs? XD

If you follow the red dotted path way you will notice the hero ends up back to the start and just won’t stop trying to walk through walls.

The hero was suppose to attack the munchkin but didn’t even move towards him.

Where did I go wrong??? XD

Edited: Dungeon - Kithgard Mastery


Can u make a screenshot without blocking picture with text? and from the beginning, like scroll back and don’t hit play.


How’s this???


Copy your code here and send it.


// Reach the end of the maze using move commands.
// Count how many gems you pick up, and then say the current count when near a fireball trap to disable it.
// The raven at the start will give you a password. Say the password near a door to open it.
// Defeat ogres when you get near them.
// You can use a loop to repeat all of the instructions as needed.
// If you beat this level, you can skip to the Forest World!
var password = “Abracadabra”;
var enemy = hero.findNearestEnemy();


hero.say(1); ??? what is that for


That’s to get through the fireballs.


Ok, I skiped that level, so let me get to that level and I’ll help you


Which level did you finish and got that open?


Sorry not sure XD. Theres seems to have been quite a few changes since I was gone for about maybe a month and a half or 2.


sry, I don’t have time right now, I’ll help you tommorow, and I think your code is right except the bottom part, add two or three more hero.moveLeft();
and add moveUp


Well let’s see what your code actually does. You store the password and you find the nearest enemy, good. Then you immediately tell your hero to move up. There’s a wall there, so he runs into it. He can only do what you tell him to do.

This level is supposed to be difficult because it allows you to skip the dungeon levels if you complete it, moving on to the forest. I think you’ll need to use loops to complete it in the correct amount of statements.

If you have problems, I suggest coding one line at a time and then running, instead of trying to code everything at once.


Sorry man but I’m like waaaaaaay past dungeon levels XD.
I’m just reviewing and I did do 1 or 2 lines of code a ran it everytime.
I don’t know if I want to go through the trouble of doing 1 line.

Cool for everyones replies though.


Your code is incorrect. Having your hero say 1 only works for the first iteration. If you read line 2 it tells you to keep count of how many gems you have picked up to disable the fireballs. You dont have any variables keeping track of your gems.

Im just guessing from looking at the pictures. Not only are you at the wall but the enemy is right next to you. Im under the impression you didnt finish the enemy. Hes the one dragging you back into the wall. I dont see any red dots leading back to the wall where your ending up. Try using the attack method twice. I dont know what sword your currently wearing but its not finishing the enemy in one hit.


@Ty_Ler Thanks for response man

Seems like I can get through without variables for the number counting

Here’s me going through the path

Here’s me trying to attack the enemy twice

And this is a show that I actually have completed Kithgard Mastery before. That would mean there has been changes since I have played this level.

I know I have not done it under 30 statements but hopefully that does not involve this problem I’m having.
Meaning the undefeated enemies.


How do you manage in one picture to have 2 enemies but walk right past them? In another picture you only have one enemy and he pushes you all the way back?

I understand you very well could get by with out counting your gems by inputing the correct number but you would go well over 30 statments.


Those are 2 different instances of code.
One picture involving a set of code that attacks the enemy and one that does not attack the enemy.
I am thinking something is wrong when I attempt to attack the enemy.

wait… withdrawn??? XD I was about to reply!!!


Lol sorry I looked over your code and noticed you didnt attack in the other.


Yeah I should highlight those parts next time XD


Edited:I tried using lower level equipment just like you asked me to in the level “Cupboards of Kithgard”.

Didn’t work X(.

I would try that counting variable thing right now but I can’t remember how to do it.
I may eventually have review all the levels I’ve been through but right now I feel like spending time making my online portfolio.
Cause ultimately I want to do coding for a living.