Terrify changes target but Stomp does not

I’m not sure why it’s like this, but I think Ironjaw’s Stomp should also change the target of any unit it stomps. This would make detection for Stromp a lot simpler. Tharin’s Terrify already changes the target to some random garbage value, presumably for this purpose.

Stomp is just a knockback and stun effect, whereas terrify has to make the enemy flee somewhere. Instead of messing with the target and targetPos properties, what kind of API would you ideally want for determining whether a unit was under some effect?

Ideally there would be an API similar to getCooldown, which is called on a unit and returns a boolean determining whether they’re affected by some condition.

Also, it would be good if it would detect jump collision as well, as I’ve seen a few instances where jumping into the hero knocks them away. This might actually be them stomping after jumping, though I don’t recall seeing the enemy hero performing a stomp action before the collision.