Easier Revision: suggestion to help with level progression

I think it’s extremely important for people to be able to go back and redo previous levels if they get stuck or just for revision purposes. For me this has been pretty difficult, because after Kithgard Dungeon (faint golden trail) there’s no easy, visual way of figuring out the level progression.

This has made using CodeCombat a little bit frustrating, because I was stuck on a level in the Sarven Desert and needed to revise a concept introduced in the Backwoods Forest. This meant that I had to go back and start clicking randomly through the levels to find the one in which I thought the concept is introduced. When I eventually found the right one, I repeatedly had to guess which level was next. I don’t have the best internet line, so navigating the site in this way can take a considerable amount of time and I often found myself losing concentration and determination to carry on.

Sorry for the long intro, I felt I needed to give a personal example in order to put the problem in context.

I have a suggestion for a temporary “fix”, until you guys figure out the permanent level structure:

Why don’t you add something similar to a ‘quest log’ as an icon at the bottom of the screen (where the clans, items and heroes icons are). It keeps track of the levels which you have completed in the order in which you intend for them to be completed. They don’t have to be numbered or anything, so if/ when you add a new level, it can just slot into the correct position.

This way, you don’t need to worry about making permanent changes to the map (until you feel comfortable to do so). The log can also give a short description of the level, like explaining what is being learned in a bit more detail and whether a new concept is being introduced.

Another simple solution could be to graphically highlight the previous and following missions when you hover over one with your cursor. This won’t be as useful as my other suggestion, but it will still help a lot in terms of mission order.

I’m close to begging for a solution to this problem, because I love CodeCombat and I have learned so much from it.


  • Introduce a “quest log” icon, which keeps track of level progression and provides information relating to the content of a level (ie. when a new concept is introduced for the first time etc.)

  • If that’s not possible, simply highlight the previous and next mission when you hover your cursor over one to make figuring out the mission order easier.

  • This will make revision a lot easier and less time consuming


The thing is, You can already just click on a level and have a look at the description.
Then you can remember what is what. The arrows to go to the previous and next level
help you get a grasp of the track. Go to ‘Profile’ and you will see a kind of ‘quest log’, but it doesn’t give the short description. clicking on a level, not playing, but clicking on it.
Hope this helps!

Yeah, the description does help a little bit in narrowing down the options, but I still think it could be a lot easier. Where is the ‘quest log’ in the profile and the arrows? I can’t find them, and they would definitely help. Thanks.

Do a red thingy. e.g duelling grounds. Then when you’ve got to the ladder, click on ‘account’ at the top.
Then click ‘profile’. Then have a look at singleplayer levels.
It keeps track, but doesn’t give description.

Seriously, trying to reply to 2 posts and play myself is HARD work.

Sorry for taking so long to reply. I found the list of singleplayer levels. It is useful in a workaround kind of way, but useful none the less :smile:

Have fun and thank you for the help

Thanks! :smiley_cat:

I really like these ideas. We are also in the process of getting the redrawn forest and desert maps to match with the actual order of levels we came up with, so that should make the main progress as clear as is in the dungeon (which was recently redone). But it would still be sweet to have previous/next levels highlighted on hover. The only thing that makes this tricky is that the levels are still a little nonlinear, so we don’t always have an exact ordering or previous/next pair to display.