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But I’ve only half of this.

Why the world is so unfair…

Ouch, false advertising!

Nah, just a case of uninformed consumer.

Pender only gets about half the health value from items. This varies among the different heroes and can be seen in the hero select menu with bars indicating health, attack and speed. Hover over the bars for specific values.

This doesn’t make sense since armor is class specific. Each item should deliver full health mentioned, not be a % based on class chosen.

It makes perfect sense. In the wizard class we have a sturdy librarian with 140% health from items, an alchemist with 120% health from items, a sorcerer with 50% health from items and recently, a necromancer with 200% health from items.

My guess is that the low health of Pender is a trade-off for her being fast as a weasel and having neat abilities like mana-blast and reset-cooldown.


Ah, I haven’t experienced this since only warriors can wear the heavier armor types. It seems like multiple classes wear the lighter armor available, so this is a way to balance those classes based on their strength and weaknesses.

Didn’t know this, thanks!

Do you have ideas for how the user interface could have made this more intuitive? We struggled with this design a bit.

The bars give an idea that one class may be faster or have more health than another, but a % to the right side of the bars would really be more informative. As I mentioned before, I wasn’t even aware of the tool tips until @BibliotekArne pointed it out.

What about this?

The actual stats after scaling for your current hero can be shown underneath.
The difference between the actual stats of your current equipped item and the selected one can also be shown in brackets.

It’s neat not overly more intuitive though. The difference between “damage” and “scaled damage” will need to be explained somewhere, as well as the varying stats of heroes.
Personally, I didn’t realise that the equipment values shown in the shop were before scaling until after I bought a multitude of items, including some fairly expensive ones.

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Could change “Health/Damage” to “Base Health/Damage” to emphasize the non-fixed nature. Can’t really put the “scaled” info on the items, as that would depend on which hero was “looking” unless it was called “name’s damage/health” . . . but which hero name to use? most likely the last one you used/set (“current”)?, but what if “current” hero is warrior but looking at wiz/ranger items…if wiz for wiz, ranger for ranger, what if more than one. A drop down selection box at top of “store” to select hero shopping for? Do you have to own the hero to play what if?

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There’s now a GitHub issue for this one.

I considered putting “Base Health/Damage” when making the picture but did not do it. It would help to clarify though.
I’m pretty sure the item shop already has your current selected hero under consideration. For example, when browsing items with Anya, ranger items have a greyed out “Ranger only” message instead of the unlock button. The scaled stats can be calculated for whatever that current hero is.

If the item is not for your hero’s class, it won’t show any scaled stats underneath the base ones.

A drop down selection box with each hero needlessly complicated and takes more space. Just go with whatever hero you are currently using like the shop already does.

I don’t endorse copying anything wholesale but I thought this was a really clever way to have a visual representation with a bunch of different attributes that still looks clean. This game lets you distribute the points between strength, mana, speed, special attack power, etc., but would work well as just as an attribute display. Screenshot from Sailor Moon Zenin Sanka for SNES

As I completed basically all levels (free + subscriber) with the same hero (Tharin), I never realised that the damage/armor would scale up/down based on the hero’s %. In fact, I didn’t notice until now that Tharin (and Anya) has 140% health and 120% damage. So I would say that this is absolutely not clear. I also didn’t know that you can hover over the colored bars…

  • As already mentioned above, there could the percentage could be written next to the colored bars.

  • Furthermore, the percentages could be marked with a star, so people would instinctly hover above it and see the text that “hero gains …% of listed armor”

  • On the inventory page, the base or scaled health/damage could be shown in parentheses, e.g.:

  • HEALTH +140 (+100) or

  • HEALTH +140 (base: +100) or

  • HEALTH +100 (current hero: +140)

  • It could be included in the level loading screen hints, e.g.: “Note: armor and damage are scaled based on your hero’s stats”

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