Summit's Gate Where is my FULL HEALTH?

I’m sorry but I keep on getting 1425 health in most of the battles I fight, But my armor, shield and helmet alone are worth nearly 2000 health. I’ve gotten 2000 and something in a few battles, but now I’m wearing:
Engraved Obsidian… 385; Enameled Dragonp…1142; Worn Dragonplate…448 which is clearly not equal to 1425
I’m fighting the Summit’s Gate and sincerely don’t know why my health ISN’T UPDATED.
Is this a glitch? Can it be fixed? PLEASEEEEEEE!

Each hero has a different modifier for attack damage, health and speed. In the hero selection screen, you can hover the bars to see details. For instance, Tharin has 140% health modifier:

There’s on-going discussion on how to improve the UI here. See these threads:

Ok, Thanks a lot. :smile: