End Date/ Time of Tundra Tower Cup

Hi! May I know what is the cutoff date and time (and time zone) for submitting the codes for the Tundra Tower Cup?


“Note: arena balance adjustments may occur up until April 15th.”

Does this mean that the cup is over and the winner has been chosen?

No. It means “arena balance adjustments may occur up until April 15th.” So no more balance changes (except some “break game exploits”)

Thanks @nick and @Bryukh !


Hi, I want to know if luring monsters with guards out of bounds is considered a “break game exploit”.


Or pushing them over using burst?

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Does it seriously break game balance? On first thought, it seems like a good technique to me, as both sides can use it and it has to be done smartly to have any effect.

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It doesn’t, especially because both people can use the strategy to counter each other.

I agree, examples of what would be considered as a game-breaking exploit include (i tested these, they don’t actually work but they give a sense of what would such an exploit could be):

Switching tower targeting rapidly causes it to shoot hypersonically
Being able to control opponent guards by using hero.getEnemyHero().on()

Interesting. This method is protected, something is wrong.

Can you give an example of such usage? I get an error for that.

Also can’t confirm that. Changing targeting tactics does nothing with cooldowns. Building/upgrading – yes.

oh :man_facepalming: I’ve read first the last paragraph and then this one :slight_smile:

Nope, I don’t think it’s an exploit as you need to target it smart way plus you spend your guards just to kill some amount of monsters. Yes, its could be really effective in the endgame against tough monsters.