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Beta Test "Ice and Iron" Arena

The next beta test is available and you can try the next arena (season 4 starts in January).

Ice and Iron

It’s REALLY raw and I haven’t done even a base balance there. Just mechanics and API with random numbers.

Feel free to post bug reports and your ideas here.


So considering I haven’t really coded for 2 years, i’m not completely sure how to play but the mechanics and gameplay looks quite nice! (Ik it’s not finished but I like what you’ve made so far)

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whenever I survive I lose. why?

It is a bug like the one in collocus

Same happened to me I deafeat ricerunner but is say loss

it just says tie
: ( ( ( ((

I think the rank should be the opposite way

It says incomplete when I won

whats this new thing(i mean unit :yum:)

and what is this is said incomplete and phoenix pets are attacking surprisingly

Win/Lose issue should fixed.

cordinates are not mirrored

You don’t have to write in twitter style and fit in 140 symbols. Could you give me more details? What objects or methods have the problem with coordinates? Maybe code examples.

I know, I should work on my telepathic abilities however I’m still not good with this.

  1. Not all people are superhuman, 2. using the specials “out” and “in”.

    in my code it says that I do out at my position.
    but it does it at nick’s position
  1. Yeah, I’m using this forum to train my paranormal abilities.

  2. Thanks. Fixed.

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nerf in its is op for taking care of monsters and minimizing the enemies on your side (@nick you use this :slight_smile: )

What if you use “out” to counteract? Plus more monsters - more mana :slight_smile:

Can’t wait too try it out (if I bother too)

out is VERY op.
using 1 upgraded cannon + out at your hero’s position = no monsters attack you until phoenix round

I know, currently out field helps against ranged units as missiles are affected too. It will be fixed so this tactic will be useless against flying snd ranged units