"Iron and Ice" Bug Reports and Suggestions

The new arena Iron and Ice is in action and it a little raw. Please, put your bug reports here.

Not really a bug, more missing functionality: Right now there’s no way I can see to get the locations / status of the monsters currently on the board.

Yep, it’s not a bug but feature :slight_smile:

We did it on purpose to prevent slow code and put hordes of monsters into the level. We have to make levels such way that they are playable on chromebooks even so always the choice what to sacrifice.

However we can think about some “status” method. Myabe something like “how many/types of monsters in a region”

How about providing that via “sensor towers” that can only detect within a certain sensor range?

In the archer tower there is a big E, That is where all the letters were rapidly changing, until I un-paused it.

And munchkins health is not showed. And frost does not have a profile.

A couple more pics of the bug

Hmm, maybe it’s a cache issue as letter art is static. Try to clear the cache please.

Fixed as for now. However maybe I will remove hp bars for all monsters – need to think

Thought about that, but they take place and also you can use them to “fill” place on the enemy side.

My towers won’t attack anything, i even rewrote my code and all they do is let the enemies attack me. I even tried different opponents to see if it was just the one specific person, and it still happened. The only way i’ve been able to win is if i switch my team from “humans” to “ogres”
me on ogres team:
me on humans team:

Have you tried using while true loop on code?

I tried your code on your account and no problems. Can you recheck it again please? maybe some cache issue on the server side (happens rarely when component code doesn’t synchronize with a level code)

oh, it’s working again. thx

I am not sure if this is a bug, but towers on the other team damage your team’s crystals.

Hmmm, maybe. This is a bug for sure. Thanks!

Should be fixed. Thanks


I have the same problem as “hellodaddy” where the words just start lagging from large E to D and, Same for the enemy team.

also, There are white circles on all munchkins, highlighters all white.
Others are fine.

I don’t know how to clear the cache issue, Must be a glitch.
Error free code