Endangered Burl/Thornbush Farm Flagging as Subscriber

For whatever reason, Endangered Burl and Thornbush Farm are being labelled as Subscriber levels for some of my students. All of my students have them showing the blue circle with star icon for Subscriber levels, though they do not all bring up the Pay-For dialog. We are unable to find the next free red-circle level to continue on the path as these two levels were the next free red-circled levels. Some can access Endangered Burl, but are then stuck not being able to access Thornbush Farm. Many are not able to get past Endangered Burl’s subscriber dialog.

If there is, in fact, a new free path that circumvents these two levels, I do not see them–can anyone tell me how to access these levels as free, like they once were?

Many thanks!

Currently, the Free path should be “Gems or Death” ==> “Patrol Buster” ==> “Village Guard” ==> “Back to Back”.

The level “Patrol Buster” should award “Endangered Burl(S)” and “Village Guard”.
“Village Guard” should award “Thornbush Farm(S)” and “Back to Back”.

If these are giving you trouble there are two things that can be tried, one is redo the “awarding” level (so if you can’t get to Village guard, redo Patrol Buster…) and the other is to refresh the levels: shift-F5, (if that doesn’t do it: close the codecombat windows and clear the cache, and if that doesn’t then opening JS console and doing a “localStorage.clear()” if it really won’t behave.)

The ones that can get in without triggering the “Pay-For” probably entered the levels before they switched to being subscriber levels.

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Sorry @Tolleson, I recently swapped which are free and premium because I think Village Guard does a better job of practicing if/else. So anyone who had last completed Patrol Buster but not finished Endangered Burl and Thornbush Farm would be stuck until they redid a level or my achievement recalculation is complete. I have an issue with recalculating right now, so I haven’t finished that part yet.

Your students can also go straight to http://codecombat.com/play/level/village-guard to continue the free path if it’s not showing up on the map for now.