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Just began can't get past sub request


Hello, I’m new to code combat and just finished the Dungeons of Kithgard. But, after finishing it I go to play the level where you blow the doors closed and get stopped by a sub request. Does this mean that only the levels in the dungeon are free? I ask because it says on the sub request page that there are over 100 FREE levels. Sorry if this is a silly question and thanks for the help.


What level is the one that needs a sub request? Subscription allows you to have benefits. Click on the levels that have no star. There are more levels that are past the dungeon, including in the forest and more.


What country are you in?


Look on the map: level with a red circle under them are free.
Levels with a blue star under them are subscription only

if you cannot get to the forest, click the “world” icon in the top-right or use the link: