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Umm...Not completing my levels


To Leader of CodeCombat,

Hi I’m a new player and it would be good if you make that every level of the subscribers are not part of the REAL level as I really want to complete it.


To User named ZoulZ,

Ok, I admit I am not a leader of CodeCombat (argh, Cat!), but I still have a clarification-question to your post.

What do you mean by part of the REAL level? Nobodys forcing you to play subscriber-levels. You can easily (more or less, Siege of Stonehold is tough) rush through all non-subscriber levels without ever touching a subscriber-level.

Pro-Tip: You can subscribe to the Adventurer-Maillist and get 5 new levels every week, of which the half are subscriber-levels. In the first week, they are free to play for everyone. And the best? Subscribing to the Adventurer-maillist is absolutly free.


I’m going to assume you don’t want subscriber levels even visible to non subscribers. however. showing an indication that they are there is incentive to get people to subscribe. So no, i don’t think they should hide them. They aren’t required to complete them.


And it is totally obvious which is which. If you couldn’t tell which was which, that would be different. I haven’t seen codecombat be pushy about people paying, little starred circles on the map? If that is eating at your conscience… (pay) :smiley: