Error occuring on website

If I dont use code combat for a few minutes the following shows up.

then this screen shows up.

Does anyone know why this happens?

That is really strange I don’t know why that is glitching but maybe @Venneth, or @Chaboi_3000 knows…

All I know about this issue’s cause is that the site uses Cloudflare… Can you check other Cloudflare-run sites to see if a similar thing happens after inactivity?

That happens when a Trojan Virus has entered your computer through error code, i suggest you get it checked out by a professional

I work in IT so I know what I say

That’s unusual. CloudFlare monitors for suspicious activity online. Tornado, as someone who works in IT, is entirely correct that it could be a trojan virus. It may also be another type of virus that requires an internet connection (but I’m not an IT professional, so please correct me if I’m wrong). If you’ve been making any suspicious or concerning searches recently - not that I’m accusing you of doing so - that could also be a cause for the error (again, correct me if I’m wrong).

That is entirely true. Also, if this still happens after the check, try to run the game in a VM (Virtual Machine), or another computer.

I tested this on firefox and the problem does not occur.

It seems to only happen when Im playing on chrome.

do you have any suspicious extensions on chrome ?


try getting a free, trusted antivirus like avast and doing a full scan. I once had this virus where it was like i downloaded a file from my discord friend and it did the same thing. I realized that my friend got ratted so i did a full scan

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If OP’s on a Windows computer, they can run a scan using the built in software:

Open the Windows Security app (:shield:) > Virus and Threat protection > Scan options (underneath Quick scan) > Full Scan > Scan now

The scan might take a few hours to complete, but it’ll be thorough.

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