It's a bug or not?

i’m a chinese player,today i can’t open the page"".At the beginning I thought it was the problem of my computer, but then I tried in other computers, and still failed. Or the game is blocked by chinese government?

The site is down in China again. I haven’t been able to access it either.


it seems not down in china only ,I try to use the proxy server in other country,but still fail.

It is down from Brazil as well.

Now I’m getting this error:

This webpage has a redirect loop


me too. but the fundamental problem is no respond still.

I’ve reported this bug in the CodeCombat repository.

I sent an e-mail to no respond so far

Aaaaand it is down again. :disappointed:

Well I hope its up in time for classes on Monday…

I wish they would just post a we are working on it message or something.

As a matter of fact, they are not aware of the problem in terms of their reply to my email.

We made some fixes here and currently cn and br mirrors are working from here; are you still seeing problems?

The servers are working great since yesterday from here (Brazil). I didn’t have time to comment this earlier, sorry.
Thank you very much! :blush:

The servers are not working from China.T^T…

I need a vpn to access

Why?The problem is from Great Fire Wall?

The site is not blocked… but there might be an issue with the GFW.

@nick Firefox is citing a redirect error when accessed in China (although it works fine with VPN)

@Hinkle I was experiencing the same issue a few days ago (here’s the GitHub issue), but it seems fixed now. Did you try clearing your browser cache? Sometimes, browsers cache the redirects which can lead to that problem.

Cleared cache and used 2 different browsers, had the same problem.

I couldn’t figure out how to open a closed issuse, so I made a new one

China is working again. :grinning: