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Favourite ogres

Yeah probably (20 char)
~ Orb

You can make a topic if you’re stuck so that other people can help you!

So it’s unlikely to be too difficult?

How do l make a topic?

On the very top of your main screen, you should see this.


+ New Topic

And continue from there!


warlocks witches are only in the mountain level

My favorite ogre is just the scouts, because they have flippen yellow skin!!!

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I found it! :smiley:

you can find a warlock early in dessert if you have sub


sarven sum the subsription level

I… found out that you can complete Sand Snakes using 7 hero.moveXY commands.

Here goes nothing! I’m on Clash of Clones now!

Speaking of which, do I ever get to battle Thoktar?

You can try to do this in “Siege of stonehold”. But it’s difficult to survive after this…

use bash and chain lightning

Yeah, he summons skeletons and throws fireballs at you for the rest of the level, meaning you have a constant flow of damage after you.

Oh, I can hit him with those?

enemies not him he is a npc but u cant click him he just says random stuff

The goal is to defeat Thoktars army, not Thoktar himself