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Favourite ogres

mine is cheiftain cause of the way it attacks


My is witch or warlock or catapult. Or robot-walker, it has more than 5000 damage!

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mine is the regular ogre because i recently found out that with my sword, i am now able to one-shot them.

mine is the brawler (20)


  1. Better version of the witch
  2. More health
  3. Seems creepier
  4. Shoots flippin’ lasers
  5. What the heck is that directional sense he can’t see
  6. His potion effects are dope for other ogres
    My conclusion:
    Warlock is the best ogre, but if it wants to beat me or anyone here, TRAIN FOR ANOTHER 3 MILLION YEARS!
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My profile picture is warlock, am I creepy?

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nope i think i met someone with ogres heads as their profiles

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What do you mean? I’m not creepy?

why would you be creepy ???

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IDK, maybe because @TheOrbitals said warlocks are creepy.

yeah well everyone have different choices

So you don’t think I’m creepy? How is this real???

um i also like warlocks they’re my second fav ogre

Cool! they are strong and creepy.

yeah that’s why i like them

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Yes (20 charrrrrrrrrr)

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Hi! I think my favorite ogre is the Brawler because it has 700 HP and the ability to put up a good fight against me(I have the Darksteel BIade, Worn Dragonplate Armor and Helmet, and the Worn Dragonshield. Also im level 27.). I haven’t battled a Warlock before, do you think it would be easy for me?

Warlock is like the OP version of the witch, and it shoots flippin’ lasers.
~ Orb

I haven’t seen a witch, do you mean shaman?

I am stumped on Sand Snakes.