All humans and ogres, along with tips for fighting

Ogre Units: Attack your hero and humans. Will join your side when you cast raise dead on them.

Ogre Peon: Health 7. Damage 0. Collects gold for the ogres.
Ogre Munchkin:. Health 14 Damage 2. Extremely easy to defeat.
Ogre Thrower. Health 7. Damage 11. Glass cannon. Dangerous for heroes that have low health.
Ogre M. Fairly easy to defeat. 120 Health, 18 damage. Dangerous for heroes with low health.
Ogre Shaman. Moderately annoying. 60 health. 25 damage. Stands off from a distance, and throws energy balls at you. Can also cast grow, which strengthen enemy units.
Ogre F: Moderately difficult. Just a buffed Ogre M. 250 health, 30 damage.
Ogre Scout. Same as a munchkin, except it has 75 health, and 12 damage. A lone soldier can kill it.
Ogre Brawler: Hard. 500 health, 75 damage. Incredibly dangerous if you have low
health. It is quite slow, so you can use a ranger, or Wizard to kite it.
Ogre Headhunter. Moderately dangerous. Will throw razor disks at you that do 100 damage. If it misses, the disks bounce around for 20 sec, and won’t stop until they hit you. It will go to close quarters and bash you, doing 100 damage. 180 health.
Ogre Fangrider. Very fast. 30 damage, 100 health. Fairly weak.
Ogre Witch. Extreme. 120 health, 40 damage. She stands off at a distance and hurls poison balls that have massive splash damage. She heals her fellow ogres. And she could slow you. Very good to have on your side, as she will heal you when you are injured. 2 Ogre Witches are very dangerous, if you have less then 100 DPS. Each witch can heal her comrade 100 health every second. 2 witches can kill any human. If you have less than 100 damage per second, you are doomed. When you attack one witch, the other witch will just heal the witch you are attacking, and the witch you are attacking will still attack you.
Ogre Warlock. Extreme. Summons skeletons after you, and does massive damage every 3 seconds. It summons 2 skeletons every 7.5 seconds. Each skeleton has 300 health, and does 15 damage. If that wasn’t enough, it can cast raise dead, which brings dead units back to life, but they are team ogres instead of their original team. It can also cast Windstorm. If you shoot an arrow at it, it will just cast windstorm, causing the arrow to bounce away. Lastly, it can also grow. Increase the HP of the targeted unit by 4x. It has 240 health. Warlocks are very dangerous if they are ignored, as their summoned skeletons will pile up and kill you. Attack the warlock first, and you will take it down with ease.
Catapult. 800 damage, 140 health. Friendly fire enabled. It doesn’t lead it’s shots, so you can walk up, and smack it. A lone soldier can kill it. However, the soldier will die too.
Lastly, the Ogre Chieftain. It has 800 health, and does 75 damage, and attacks thrice a second. Don’t get to close range with this guy.

Human Units. Never attack your hero, or other humans, and auto target ogres.
Peasant. 6 health 0 damage. Can give you gold and build things for you.
Soldier. 200 health 6 damage. Fairly weak.
Archer. 30 health, 13 damage. Glass cannon in a nutshell.
Griffin-Rider. 160 health, 20 damage. Just a better fangrider.
Paladin. 600 health, 20 damage. Can kill a lone witch, but is doomed against a witch pair.
Artillery. 250 damage, 100 health. Devastating if commanded wisely.
Decoy. Just a decoy. Ogres will auto attack it. 500 health.

Human Combos. Combos of humans that are effective,
Paladin + 2 archers. Paladin tanks, and heals itself, archers stay behind and pour arrows into the enemy.
2 archers + decoy. Enemy chases decoy, archers attack
Griffin-rider, soldier. Soldiers tank, Griffin rider throws spears into enemy.

Ogre Combos. Groups of ogres to watch out for, and how to counter them.

Ogre Witch + Chieftain. Dangerous. Chieftain does massive damage, while wi stays behind, attacks, and heals her chieftain. Kill witch first, then kill chieftain.

Ogre Witch+ Ogre Warlock. Warlock summons skeletons, witch heals and attacks, and when the witch dies, warlock casts raise dead, bringing it back to life. Kill the warlock in one hit with a high damage weapon like a runesword. Then murder the witch.

Ogre Witch pair. Notoriously deadly. The witches heal each other, as soon as they get damaged. Get a high damage weapon, that does at least 120 damage. Kill one of the witches. Then kill the other. Pretty straightforward if you have a good weapon.

Ogre Witch + Ogre Brawler.
Brawlers inflict damage at close quarters, witch attacks from afar, and heals the brawler. Kill the witch first, then finish the brawler.

Ogre Witch + Ogre F
Get a high damage weapon. Kill the witch first, then kill Ogre F.

Headhunter + Fangrider.
Surprisingly deadly. The headhunter would stay behind, and throw razor disks. The Fangrider would cause knock back. Kill the Fangrider first, as the Knockback can get really annoying. Then kill headhunter.

Warlock + Anything.
Warlock summons skeletons, and the other ogre would cause some damage as well. Kill the warlock first.

Warlock pair. Very dangerous. Warlocks have a suicide explosion, that does 200 damage. Get a high damage weapon, and kill one warlock. The suicide explosion will damage the other warlock as well. If the warlocks are close to each other, the other warlock will cast raise dead. Keep attacking the 2 warlocks, and you will survive.

Brawler + Shaman. The shaman will grow the brawler, making it have 1000 health. Kill shaman first, wait 5 sec, then kill the brawler, since the grow effect will wear off.

Munchkin + Thrower.
Just weak, anyone can defeat, but dangerous for those that have less than 52 health.

Shaman + Chieftain. Similar to Shaman + Brawler, but more extreme.

If you have ranged units, keep them back, you don’t want them moving forward and getting crushed.

Counter a lone warlock

def kill():
victims = hero.findByType(“warlock”, hero.findEnemies)
victim = hero.findNearest(victims)
if victim:

while True:
This code will find enemy warlocks and kill them instantly. Use high damage weapons.

Counter a witch with troops.
Never use only archers to counter witches. Each archer will be one spotted by the witch. Also, archers tend to clump together which is fatal. Witches have very high splash damage that reaches up to 10 meters. One shot can kill ALL of your archers. Instead, if you have boss star IV summon a single paladin, and command it to attack the witch, and the paladin will defeat the witch. If you don’t have IV, summon Griffin riders. If you don’t have a boss star, charge at the witch with your sword. 2 witches though are dangerous.


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