Feedback: Maniac munchkins

The level ok! Im dont find the bugs and no have noticed! Good work, developers! Thanks!=)

[redacted, please don’t post solutions]

Sorry, i think that in “[spoil]” one can…

Spoilers hide the text just one-click away.

The “no correct solutions” forum rule is to deter players who want to cheat and skip the level without doing any work. One click will not deter them from reaching the solution, even worse, the spoiler markup may even indicate where they can find a valid solution.

You won’t get any penalty for that post, please don’t be discouraged from posting useful feedback and constructive criticism. Just avoid posting solutions in the future as that serves no purpose but spoiling the game. :slight_smile:

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Sorry, did I understand correctly the essence “Feedback” and “Adventurer” - I post all playtest the level or only that do not work correctly?

Well, it is up to you.
I usually post when I find problems, but I believe positive feedback is also welcome. If you can add what you liked or suggestions for improving the level it would be even better. :wink:

Ok=) Thanks) Then i think that should not do useless posts and I will do posts if i find bug or if I can add what i liked or suggestions for improving the level;)

yo logro hacer sobrevivir a mi héroe pero no logro hacer abrir el cofre porque se me acaba el tiempo si alguien me puede ayudar gracias

Please do not bring up topics that have been left alone that many months. Look at the top


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