Feedback on Kithmaze levels

Hi all,

Here are some notes I took when playing the first levels of the campain:

Level: Haunted Kithmaze

  • Loop explanation comes when finishing the level… shouldn’t that be at the beginning?

Level: Descending Further

  • Bonus Goal says “< 5 statements”, while the Victory panel says “< 4 statements”… Looks like there is some inconsistency

Level: Master of Names

  • This one could easily have another bonus goal “< 4 statements”

Some general weird things I found out:

  • I didn’t know the ‘loop’ statement in python, does it actually exist? the python language reference doesn’t mention it. That may have been invented to make the game easier, but wouldn’t a “while True:” be more realistic?
  • The localisation of some level’s Goals is not always working / done, even though the strings are common to other levels goals.

I hope this will be of some help


Thanks Cedric! I’ll fix up those scripts, goals, and achievements as you say. For Master of Names, we don’t want players to get confused with trying to do a loop at the same time as they’re first learning variables, so we didn’t put a goal (since it might push them into a more difficult solution attempt).

loop: is something we made up. It’s equivalent to while True: with one difference: if there is no statement that takes world time in the loop (an action like moveRight or attack), then instead of infinitely looping, we insert a yield statement that makes it take at least one frame. We did this because infinite loops are really nasty for debugging, but would be very common in these kinds of levels. We will get the player to use the legit loop syntax when we start introducing arrays and other kinds of looping in the desert campaign.

Which goals / language were localized inconsistently?

Thanks for all the feedback, very helpful!

Ok I see, that was just a suggestion for those wanting to improve… after all isn’t it funnier when there are some more difficult challenges (for bonuses)?

Hum… I’ll need to replay all levels to note those. Anyway, I’m playing in French, and I can help with l10n if needed.

That would be awesome! You can see the translations left to do here:

Cool, that’s way more convenient than the level editor… however, do we have a way to integrate with external tools handling po files? That would help to at least fill in the duplicate strings.

We decided to build our own tools so as to have more control. Handling duplicated strings is a nice feature that we’ll be happy to add sometime later, especially as now there seem to be more than a handful of them with some repeated scripts I just did, and especially with repeated goals.

Did I not make it under 6 statements?

Statement counting in Clojure is inaccurate in our transpiler, unfortunately. Tracking the bug here: