Feedback: Operation 'Killdeer'

You may wish to make the opposition a little more overwhelming. With the Emperor’s Gloves and the Sword of the Temple Guard, I killed all the ogres and the brawler in under 10 seconds.

I agree. All I used was the sword of the forgotten and I didn’t have to run away

It might not be too easy depending on where in the campaign it is (note: I haven’t tried killdeer as of posting this).

That’s one of the issues with adventurers – many of us use high-end gear when testing the levels instead of what players might actually have at that stage of the game. It’s also not obvious where in the progression the levels are supposed to be (even for the older levels we’ve passed), which doesn’t help.
It would be helpful if there was some data or a tree to visualise which level unlocks which.
Edit: turns out there is a tree.

There are many levels that don’t have require that the player have stats (health, damage) higher than some threshold. Instead they require certain accessories (glasses) and the required strategy. Some levels even set stats to fit the level. But when there’s a level where player stats are an important factor…

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I’ve now tried all three levels. They seem to work fine, but are also a bit familiar. Friend and Foe is a lot like Reward and Ruination except for being visually different. For both I just copied and pasted the first example and then changed some characters to find a different thang type.
Operation Killdeer reminds me of Medical Attention. That’s not to say I didn’t like the levels. Some of the features were distinctive (peasants/peons turning into fighting troops and the carrying animation), but you might want to avoid having too many levels with similar content. Then again, they say "learning is a reinforcement process."
Edit: Should the dead ogres in operation-killdeer be drawn under the skeletons outside the wall?

Seeing the ogres get pwned repeatedly made me a feel a little sorry for them, so here’s an idea for a possible level setting:
You are at your bivouac/camp with some allied troops. There’s an overwhelming ogre ambush and you need to get the troops to retreat. In particular, there are some valuable artilleries that have to get out (artilleries because they move slowly), etc. (There are multiple ways this could be done)

And here’s a different level idea I had for some time:
You are at some outpost, maybe in the mountains. There is a ragtag bunch of allied troops who were previously from a variety of different divisions/units (with names that have randomly-combined strings). You need to tally up how many troops were from each group, maybe say the largest one, etc.
A level like this could be testing a concept different from what I’ve seen in any other level (dictionaries?).

Anyone, feel free to implement these ideas. Otherwise I might try at a later date.

Thank you for the feedback. This level will have equipment restrictions as “Medical Attention”.


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