Fight Usara Now!

Oh, thanks. :slight_smile:

I really really really really really really really really really… really hope usara comes out fast :sweat_smile:

I’ve actually finished writing the announcement for Usara’s Release. Hopefully soon :slight_smile:


Hooray! I can’t wait!

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So now, with invisibility you can bug Usara:

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@PeterPalov please delete the code from the picture so people do not cheat

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Easy as pie with my favorite hammer and Anya)

Still persists(

Btw, it happens if invisibility is the first hero action. If it goes after any other - it works fine.

Hope this helps.

I met the same game behavior with invisibility (error message differs a little) once on Dueling Grounds with player and thought that it was some kind of cheating maybe. But now it looks like it’s a bug.

Wow! Where are the yetis? I remember the level looking more full of troops. Good job. I couldn’t do it with Senick and gift of the trees… The free hero is victorious!

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I met only two skeletons)

Uhm, I think it’s because Usara’s goal was not to defeat humans, just respond to attackers.

Ah, well I went about the wrong way then. I guess sometimes going down guns blazing isn’t always the best option…

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Try one more time, the level was changed a bit maybe…

I just tweaked the referee code. Is it better @Alexbrand?

Yes now it became more… interesting)

And invisibility works well.

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Usara has a big amount of health and the solders I summon don’t listen to me

Originally it was supposed to be that way, however Invisibility seemed to “crash” Usara’s code. :joy:

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My arrow towers attack my solders don’t. So your telling me that it was made so my solders don’t obey me

No, I’m referring to Alex. Read the context of the post please :slight_smile:


can you tell us the code you used @Code_Master so we can refine it