Usara is Released!

Usara is Released!

This is the moment every wizard was anticipating…The Master of all Wizards, Usara is released and is available for 21000 gems!

Here are some brief info about her absolutely awesome and mind-boggling abilities:

Power Swap

The name says it all. Swap all of your stats with a target ally! Use it to save your friends or escape death!

Summon Robobomb

Summon a dangerous Robobomb that explodes and deals 1000 AoE damage with a cooldown of 15 seconds! Here’s the catch – It can blow up friendly units…Be cautious of not being caught in the Robobomb’s dangerous explosion!

Summon Baby Yetis

There’s nothing better than having a pair of fierce baby yeti twins to fight for you! They’re exceptionally fast and can tear through swarms and big ogres alike!

Magnet Field

Spawn a giant magnet at the target that pulls all nearby units to that target! Use it to lure a swarm onto a trap to quickly wipe out enemies!


Fantastic work building out Usara’s abilities and demo levels, @Chaboi_3000! I’m really excited to have finally rounded out the initial complement of wizard heroes with our new top-tier master wizard. Great job getting her over the finish line.

I look forward to seeing what y’all can do with magnetic field and robobombs. See you on the ladders!