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First level of web dev is not working


In level Humble Beginnings it says "Line 38:Uncaught ReferenceError: $ is not defined"
and "This error was generated by old code - Try running your new code first."
What can I do?


Well, for starters, I think you can run the code :wink: (or find where the $ is and remove it).


I tried to run the code but it’s not working it shows me an error and there is no “$” to remove.


can you give us the code and a picture? It would be very helpful.:grinning:



Could be a bad seed. Try restarting the level or deleting all the code on the screen by cutting and pasting.


I tried everything it’s not working.


Please send us an email at with your account name so we can investigate.

It looks like your page isn’t loading jQuery for some reason!


Nice! I’m just picking up JQuery!


They’re really cool and make coding a LOT easier