Flawless Pairs Help Needed


I am stuck on the Flawless Pairs problem with Python. My character gets stuck at the first moveXY. I am not sure if it a problem with my code, my browser, or possibly the level.
Here is the revelant part of my code:
hero.moveXY(gemPair[0].pos.x, gemPair[0].pos.y)
hero.moveXY(gemPair[1].pos.x, gemPair[1].pos.y)



Could you post the whole your code?


Yes. Here it is below. Thanks!

[removed as a solution]


Hm, your code works fine for me. I suppose it’s an equipment problem or unlucky seed or a bug. Could you say your codecombat username and I’ll research the problem for your case.


Thanks. It is Balengar.


Hm. I see a problem. It’s a pet, I’m not sure how, but it affects on the level. It’s definitely a bug, however, you can pass this level by removing the pet (while I trying to fix the problem with a pet).


Thanks! That is an odd error, but at least we know how to get around it now.


I fixed that problem. Now it should work with pets.


I used your code and it doesn’t work


I can’t get the haste. Do you know why?


I can’t get haste either. What I did was instead of moving to the X, I moved somewhere closer to the gems so I could do the level faster.


I couldn’t get haste either so I used the moved the Y method (closer to gems) but you can also change characters to one with more speed. I used Tharin at first and failed miserably so then I changed to Pender Spellbane and Arryn Stonewall and both of those completed the level without the haste spell. It didn’t matter about the Pet. I do have fast boots (boots of Leaping +2M/S).


Thanks! I’ve fixed the problem. Now the hero gets “haste”.