Forgotten Bronze Ring Released!

The Forgotten Bronze Ring

Happy holidays everyone! Here's another ring to potentially add to your arsenal. :eyes:

This bronze ring was crafted with the help of Zana Woodheart and the forest sprites using one of the most powerful Healing magic known to mankind.

It’s so powerful, that it can adapt based on your needs. If you have many friendly units nearby, it will give small amounts of regeneration to every friendly unit within the radius. On the other hand, if you have a few allies nearby, but require lots of healing, it will grant a significant amount of regeneration to everybody in the radius. The regeneration can reach up to 60 HP/second!

Heal Wave Spell

Syntax: hero.cast("heal-wave")
For every allied unit within 10 meters, they will be given a health regenerating spell that lasts 5 seconds. The amount of regeneration depends on the units nearby. (More units = less healing per unit but same total)

Preview(Low unit count):
Preview(High unit count):

Try this exquisite artifact in combat for 2360 :gem:! You will be able to unlock it at level 28!

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