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Rings are finally here!


Haven’t been on in a few days and saw the rings are finally available. Can’t wait to see what they do.


What rings? The only one i see is the ring of speed and it’s been there for a good while.


I can buy a whole bunch of rings for the second ring slot. They don’t have any stats though. They all say, “This item has no stats. Only admins will see it for now.”


Where do you see them??? My store isnt showing anything new. accessories area?


They’re all mixed in with all the other items I haven’t bought yet.


no clue. i have none on my store


They shouldn’t be showing up yet, so maybe that’s a bug. We do have a ton of ring art, but for each ring, I need to code up a new spell for it to invoke, and I’m pretty behind on all that stuff!

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LOL then I got a sneak peek of what they look like :grinning:

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